“He who wishes to secure the good of others has already secured his own.” -Confucius

I want to preface all of what is about to come by saying that I have utmost respect for the sacrifices the Military not only makes, but is willing to make on account of the ideology of this country and it’s citizens.

That being said: public service, and patriotic duty extends beyond the military. Far beyond it. And between it. And any preposition you want to place in the midst of patriotic duty and the military, in a grammatical sense and otherwise.

With veterans day fast approaching, I want to also thank the teachers, police, firefighters (both wildland and municipal), IRS auditors, resource managers, city planners, prison guards, civil rights activists, protesters, nurses, social workers and so forth who represent and protect society as a whole for the idea of what society and people can be, and not necessarily what they are. Thank you for dreaming of and protecting a better tomorrow.