“To measure you by your smallest deed is to reckon the ocean by the frailty of its foam…”

“…to judge you by your failures is to cast blame upon the seasons for their inconsistencies.” – Kahlil Gibran

Adult film actress Stormy Daniels is considering challenging the current incumbent David Vitter(R-LA) for a senatorial seat.

According to some, her run would show the lack of “any credible challenger” for the Democratic party in contestation of the seat currently held by Vitter, who was linked to a rather sizable, Washington D.C. based prostitution ring geared toward upscale clientele- a link that damaged his “family values” reputation.

“I’ve worked very hard to become top in my industry and be as successful as I am,” Daniels has said in one of her many interviews. Perhaps this is indicative of a greater work ethic than many of those who have been spoon-fed their roles and positions in government currently have.

This movement has become a “cheap political stunt” in the eyes of many and the “Draft Stormy” website leaves much to be desired in terms of quality and coherence. Consider that this a great representation of a grassroots effort.

Yet the press is failing to give Daniels the same respect offered to any other candidate. Story leads frequently note the not-quite”scandalous” attire she chooses to wear at gatherings- the most notable adjectives include “tight,” “plunging,” and “animal print.” None of this is different than about 30 percent ( a number I made up) of most women working in offices.

What makes everyone so quick to discredit her on the basis of not only her sexuality, but her profession? Unlike Vitter, Daniels is at least honest and transparent about her life. Shouldn’t the people touting family values be the quickest to practice forgiveness, one of the more central tenants to family values? It’s not like our political leadership has a “family values” record to be proud of, especially from those who, it would seem, proclaim it loudest.

The press also needs to look beyond this superficiality. If Daniels has something legitimate to say and decent ideas to be implemented in government, maybe that should be reported rather than the shock value of “OMG GUYZ, a PORN STAR is considering running for office.” If she’s a complete and utter political dingbat, ignore her, although it seems that being a political dingbat makes you a media darling (read: Sarah Palin).

I know that myself and other persons out there aren’t exactly fans of adult films, but shunning current and other adult thespians from other career outlets is not exactly an incentive to get them to leave the industry.

If people want to discredit Daniels on the basis of her profession, I would ask them to consider her possible transition to politics as a lateral move. Quality of character is not what you do for a living but how you handle a given situation. All anyone needs is a chance.